Setup - In addition to delivering products, all products will be set up to customers' needs.
Service - All products will be served at event (does not include restocking)
Presentation - All products will be restocked at event
Break down - All serving equipment and products will be cleaned up back to event's original status

There's always a reason to sweeten your day

Just about everybody loves sweets. If you need event or wedding catering services for your celebration, adding a treat from Baked Amenities is a great way to add a touch of personalization.

Our bakers can make something special for your:

  • Bachelorette party or wedding
  • Orientation or onboarding session
  • Baby shower or gender reveal
  • Birthday or anniversary
  • Graduation or retirement party
  • Corporate event or company retreat
There's never a bad reason to celebrate with something sweet. Call us today to place an order through our Indianapolis, IN event catering services.